3 GHZ High Power Surge Arrester, N-N Female.

  To keep the wireless devices free from lightning induced surges that travel on the coaxial transmission lines, LanPro also supplies the arrester guarding the wireless equipment from damage that could cause your precious network resources to breakdown.

Available for the 2.4 GHz band as well as 5.8 GHz bands. Electrical features are basically the same for both, but the operation frequency differs. Both connector ports of this unit are equally protected. This provides protection no matter which way it is installed.

The most tipical model is the aerial one, that allows to install the surge arrester in any section of the Hi Frequency cable. It comes with a strong stainless steel bracket, in order to conveniently attach the arrester to any wall or flat surface.

This units features N-N connectors at both ends, for improved mechanical capability. Nominal impedance is 50 Ohm and has a minimum insertion loss.

LanPro arresters can take as much as 10.000 Amperes of surge current by using the 8x20uS industrial standard scheme.
  FEATURES * Impedance: 50 Ohm.

* Frequency range: 2.4 and 5.8 GHz models.

* V.S.W.R MAX 1:1.4 Max.

* Insertion loss: MAX 0.2 dB typically 0.1 dB.

* Impulse breakdown voltage: 1,000 V 5 KV/S Max.

* Insulation resistance: 10,000M Ohm.

* Max. power rating: 200W PEP.

* Dimensions: 86 m/m x 45 m/m x 20 m/m (typical).

* Pin material: GOLD PLATED BRASS.

* Minimum insertion loss.

* Full metallic construction.

* Fast and reliable.

* All weather capable if properly installed.

* Low priced.
  HOW TO ORDER LP-G10 3 GHZ High Power Surge Arrester N-N Female  

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