400 Series 50 Ohm Ultra Low losses Coaxial

  This is an ultra-low-loss 50 ohm coaxial cable ideal for RF deployment. This 400-Series cable offers equivalent or better characteristics and performance than other existing industry cables such as Commscope WBC-400*, Times Microwave LMR-400*, Andrew CNT-400*, etc. This cable size is the most demanded and widely used coaxial cable in the wireless industry.

The LP-C400 is our superior Lower Loss-per-meter 400-Series coaxial cable offered. It is manufactured with a polyethylene (PE) jacket which is UV resistant, and is built to withstand harsh temperatures, grease, oil, chemicals, salt water and abrasion, offering a 15 year plus lifespan. The LP-C400 with a tough PE jacket is especially suited for long life outdoor use.

If your application is direct burial, our LP-C400 is also the best choice with its polyethylene jacket (PE). Other jacket materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), TPE, etc. are not well suited for direct burial. While PE jackets do not offer the same flexibility as other materials, this is the only material that any experienced engineer will recommend for a direct burial application for long term survivability underground. We recommend the use of metallic conduits for a more professional and long lasting application, but the LP-C400 can take lots of stress without damage. We have the right size connectors to match our 400 cable. We recommend crimp style only as it performs better than other tool-less variants.

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  FEATURES * Antenna Cable Runs to Base Stations, Access Points (AP), Bridges or CPE.

* Cabling between any WiFi or WiMax antenna and the associated equipment.

* Indoor or Outdoor Use.

* Direct Bury or Tower Use.

* Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

* Local Multi-Point Distribution System (LMDS).

* Multi-Channel Multi-Point Distribution Service (MMDS).

* Wireless Local Loop (WLL).

* Personal Communication Systems (PCS).

* GPS.


* Ham Radio.
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