LP-PANEL2418SMA LanPro, is a heavy duty flat panel antenna, with a honest 18 dBi gain, ideal for use in point to point links (PtP), point-multipoint (PtmP) or with distant clients, even if they are several kilometers away from the servers.
These antennas are unobstrusive, good looking, reasonable priced and easy to connect. Can be used outdoors and indoors.
Can be painted with non conductive oil paints. Able to perform correctly on 2.4 GHz CCK or DSSS radios.
Is a good substitute for parabolic antennas when distance and performance is not that critical. Easy to hide. Ideal for small hotspots and public WiFi. Very easy to align.
  FEATURES * Horizontal and Vertical Polarizable.

* 18 dBi Gain.

* Low Profile.

* Dimensions: 370mm x 252mm x 42mm.

* Low Wind Loading.

* Rugged Outdoor Construction. ABS.

* Unobtrusive and ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

* 100% stainless steel base with tilt down capability for optimal angle positioning. A hotspot must.

* Ideal for 2.4 GHz Systems CCK or DSSS.

* Reasonable Priced.

* E plane (at -3dB) 15 degree , H plane (at -3dB) 22 degrees.

* Connector SMA.

* Weight: 1 Kg

* Impedance 50 Ohm
  HOW TO ORDER LP-PANEL2418SMA 2.4 GHz 18 dBi Gain Flat Panel Antenna.


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