Nylon Tie Wrap Professional Grade. 190mm x 4.8mm. Bundle Diam 50mm. Max 22Kg

  Nylon Tie wraps Professional grade.

Made for the field professional for long life and reliable cable and duct organization. Come in several sizes that hold from 8Kg to 22 Kg in bundle tension.

LanPro carries a wide line of tie wraps. From self-locking to finger releasable in various styles, strengths, colors and lengths to suit the application and give the users maximum flexibility in their installations. Some are made of ULTRAX Nylon Nx266 as the strongest, or the releasable of Nylon 66, 94V-2 compliant, Fabricated in filtered nylon and chemically resistant to weak acids, grease, salt water, oil, gasoline and common solvents they deliver a long life service under harsh environments.

The LanPro Tie-wraps can be installed by hand or with tools that make the labor safer and less tiresome and when tension should be controlled. Besides the nylon based ones, LanPro carries also the Velcro® reusable type, which are excellent choice for making ordered bundles of desk top computer cables, and practically anything tie-able to hold it in place.

Accessories like screw mount bases, let you fix the tie wrap to a wall or equipment, needing only a ram-plug, screw and screwdriver to install it.
  FEATURES * FASTER - Low insertion and pull through force.

* STRONGER - Tensile strength is achieved.

* PURER - Manufactured from filtered nylon reducing particle contamination.

* EASIER - Angled tail provides quicker initial insertion alignment and tail finger grips allow easier handling and tightening.

* SAFER - Rounded edges provides added safety and eliminates insulation damage.

* CONSISTENT - Formulated molding processes.

* Made In USA / ROHS Compliant / UL Recognized / CSA Approved
  HOW TO ORDER LP-NTWP19004P8 Nylon Tie Wrap Professional Grade. 190mm x 4.8mm. Bundle Diam 50mm. Max 22Kg  

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