LanPro Flat entry Faceplates

  LanPro faceplates (also called flush plates or cover plates) combine high capacity with multiple connectors, allowing the use of different types of standard couplers (jacks) unshielded or with different shields devices.

They are totally compatible with phone standards as well as CAT 3, 5, 5e, 6 and CAT 6A systems.

The screw cap design makes better front looking, and dust caps are available to cover unused ports.

These plates have, standard American sizing, and are suitable for use in any standard USA application.

Made of durable UV resistant ABS plastic, they are available in two(2) orientations, vertically mounted or Horizontally Mounted.

When mounted Vertically, they are available in six (6) models: 0 Port, 1 Port, 2 Ports, 3 Port, 4 Ports and 6 Ports.

When Mounted Horizontally, there are only four (4) models: 0 Port, 1 Port, 2 Ports and 3 Ports.
  FEATURES * Thick and Robust molded  design.

* Doesn’t yellow or crack with sunlight.

* Very Flexible. ABS, UL94V-0 plastic.

* Precise tooling for perfect fitting.

* V series for Vertical aligment or H Series for Horizontal alignment.

* Can take CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT 5e, CAT 5 and CAT 3, Video, Sound and Data Keystone sized models.

* Interchangeable with most popular brands.

* Compliance to ISO/IEC 11801.

* Compliance ANSI/TIA 568.

* Supports RJ45 modules with different types of shielding.

* The faceplates can be angled under request.
  HOW TO ORDER LP-3317XXYY Flat entry Faceplates

XX: Orientation and number of ports
V0= Vertical 0 port.
V1= Vertical 1 port.
V2= Vertical 2 port.
V3= Vertical 3 port.
V4= Vertical 4 port.
V6= Vertical 6 port.
H0= Horizontal 0 port.
H1= Horizontal 1 port.
H2= Horizontal 2 port.
H3= Horizontal 3 port.

YY: Color
IV: Ivory
WH: White


LP-3317V1WH LanPro Flat Faceplate Vertical 1 port, White Color.
LP-3317V2WH LanPro Flat Faceplate Vertical 2 port, White Color.
LP-3317V4WH LanPro Flat Faceplate Vertical 4 port, White Color.

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