Modular Jacks CAT 6

8000 Series Reliable 6® 8P8C RJ45, Keystone® Compatible unshielded modular CAT 6 jack, 90º IDC.

  The LP-8C6PUSCC, 8000 series Reliable 6® 8P8C RJ45, Keystone® compatible unshielded modular CAT 6 jacks with 90º IDC are compatible with all the other Reliable 6 components of LanPro, as well as flat and angled faceplates in a perfect way.

LanPro has designed them specifically for high speed and bandwidth in excess of 250 MHz.

Our LP-8C6PUSCC´s allow for universal termination, either T568-A or T568-B, and are punch-down design of 90º, thus offering easiness and flexibility to the installer.

Note: All our Jacks are also suitable for CAT 5e and CAT 3 cabling system.
  FEATURES * Fit for CAT 6 general cable distribution system, backward *compatible with CAT 5e systems.

* Compliant with ISO/IEC 11801, 2002 CLASS & ANSI/TIA 568-B.2-1 CAT 6 T568-A and T568-B punching sequences are both compatible. Compliant with IEC 60603-7-4.

* Our standard style allows compatibility with many other brands and systems.

* Unshielded, rugged.

* Connection type FCC connector for RJ45 patch cords and IDC for 4-pair CAT 6 cables.

* Punch angle is 90º.

* High performance copper alloy contacts and 50 micro-inches of gold plating.

* 750 mating cycles minimum for RJ45.

* 20 mating cycles minimum for IDC.

* Competitively priced.

* Material: ABS UL94V-0.

* Positive latch system.

* UTP capable.

* Compatible with 110 punch-down tools.

* Suitable for 22-26 AWG solid cable.

* Eight vivid colors to choose from.

WH: White
GN: Green
YL: Yellow
BL: Blue
RD: Red
BK: Black
GR: Gray
OR: Orange

LP-8C6PUSWH 8000 Series Reliable 6® 8P8C RJ45, Keystone® Compatible Unshielded Modular CAT 6 Jack with 90º IDC, white color.

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