LanPro31xx and 32xx series delivers up to 23Mbps air rate for Ethernet and up to 4 ports E1 (T1) traffic. The system supports a variety of spectrum bands.

LanPro31xx and 32xx series employs Time Division Duplex (TDD) transmission. This technology simplifies the installation and configuration procedure. There is no need to plan and to allocate separate channels for the uplink and downlink data streams.
Operation over 2.4GHz ISM band and 5.x GHz UNII bands is not affected by harsh weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain etc.

The LanPro31xx and 32xx series system offers more than just an attractive price-point per link and powerful performance characteristics. Easy of installation and alignment along with smart management capabilities make setup and configuration a snap.
  FEATURES * High quality Voice / Data / Video transmission.

* Antenna-Integrated ODU.

* Cost-effective alternative to traditional E1(T1) devices.

* Up to 4 ports E1(T1) supported.

* High reliability of radio link provides excellent BER.

* Operates on the 2.4GHz ISM and 5GHz UNII bands with OFDM technology.

* Employs Time Division Duplex (TDD) transmission, no need to plan and to allocate separate channels for the uplink and downlink data streams.

* End to end transmission of multiple user services over packet switched networks.

* Transparent Ethernet forwarding.

* Supports SNMP for remote monitor and management.

* Window based utility provides user friendly interface to configure the IDU/ODU.

* Rapid installation and easy configuration for deploying the link.

* Enhanced Security and access control.

* Power over Ethernet to ODU.

* IP-68 rated weather-proof housing for ODU.
  HOW TO ORDER LP-31ET14 5GHz UNII band, 4xE1, 1x Ethernet IDU/ antenna-integrated ODU

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