About LanPro

LanPro has consolidated itself with a broad Portfolio of products under the concept of ONE STOP SOURCE (OSS) philosophy, and is becoming one of the most demanded brands by System Integrators and our One Stop LanPro distributor base.




We strive for excellence through continuous improvement to be the premier solution provider for our partners.




As a reliable, dependable, mature company, our mission is to provide Quality which adds Value to our products, business and providers. Value is not only a good price but Innovation, performance and quality. Part of our mission is to provide our customer products with exceptional Value to their investment. At LanPro we aim for:

  • Provide the finest product to the customer at a reasonable price (Very often the most expensive product isn't the best quality).

  • Leveraging our financial strength to provide suitable options to our customers.

  • Provide a safe and equal opportunities working environment place.

  • Recognition as a trusted and reliable member of our industry.




We must live by these values in order to meet customer needs and ensure a long term relationship and success.

  • Communication.

  • Employee Engagement.

  • Commitment.

  • Integrity.

  • Teamwork.