FC Connectors

Optical Fiber FC Connector.

  The FC connector is highly used in the telecommunications industry, in which long fiber links of 50 Km or more are common. In these cases the connector needs to have extremely low losses and accurate geometry.

The FC connector has a screw thread fitting into the adapter to provide a secure connection. The FC connector is precision made and manufactured to demanding specifications with a nickel plated brass body and a ceramic ferrule/spring/crimp barrel assembly plus a crimp over sleeve and rubber boot.

These connectors are designed for 0.9, 2 and 3 mm cable. They provide a consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance. The FC connector is available in single-mode UPC and APC versions as well as multimode.

- The connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one-piece connector or as multi-pieces connector.

- Clips are available for SC and LC duplex connectors. Housing kits without ferrule are available.

- PC and APC polish is available.
  FEATURES * Low insertion loss and back reflection loss.

* High precision alignment.

* Boots in a variety of colors.

* Bayonet style housing for easy termination.

* Ferrule end surface predomed.

* Nickel plated brass body.

* Free-floating ceramic ferrule.

  HOW TO ORDER LP-FXXTMMBCH, Fiber Optic FC Connectors.

LP-F LanPro Optical

XX Fiber Solutions Code
11: Fiber Optic Connector

T Connector Type
A: ST Pre Angled
C: FC/PC Pre Angled Typical type
D: FC/PC Pre Angled One Piece Type
I: FC/APC Pre-Angled 8º
F: SC Pre Angled
H: SC Pre Angled Duplex Type
J: SC/APC Pre angled 8º One Piece Type
5: SC II/APC Pre Angled 8º One Piece Type
L: LC Simplex
P: LC Duplex Type
Q: LC/APC Simplex Pre Angled 8º
M: MTRJ Female
N: MTRJ + Guide Pin Male
S: MTRJ II + Guide Pin
1: LC II Simplex
2: LC II Duplex
3: LC II Simplex Square-Flange
4: LC II Duplex Square-Flange
6: SC II Simplex
7: SC II Duplex
8: SC II Simplex Square-Flange
9: SF II Duplex Frange

MM MODE/Polish Type
1: MM PC polish
2: SM PC Polish
3: SM SPC Polish
4: SM UPC Polish
5: SM APC Polish

B Cable Boot Type
1: For 3.0mm cable
2: For 0.9mm cable
3: For 2.0mm cable (Only for MTRJ & LC)
4: For 1.8 mmcable Minizip
5: For both 3.0 mm and 0.9mm kit
6: For both 3.0 mm and 2.0mm kit

C Boot Color
1: Black
2: Red
3: Yellow
4: Green
5: Blue
6: Ivory
7: Black and Red
8: White

H Housing
1: Black
2: Red
3: Yellow
4: Green
5: Blue
6: Ivory
7: Black and Red
8: White
9: Metal


LP-F11C1519, Fiber Optic Connector FC Thread Type Multimode 62.5/125 PC Polish, with both 3mm and 0.9 mm Black Boots.

LP-F11C2539, Fiber Optic Connector FC Thread Type Singlemode 9/125 PC Polish, with both 3mm and 0.9 mm Yellow Boots.

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