Performax®  category 6a keystone jacks (UTP and shielded versions) offer excellent performance in every critical application, exceeding most of category 6A performance requirements. LanPro offers unshielded UTP models as well as fully shielded devices that excel on every certification and provides the highest margins on all TIA and ISO performance requirements for category 6A, including critical Alien Crosstalk and Next parameters.
Our shielded series is highly tolerant to installation variability and has a high and repeatable performance.
Our CAT 6A products are iMC Ready, allowing them to be immediately  used on our modular panel systems, along with iMC modules.
For more info about our iMC family of products, please click on the following link: IMC Series®
Jacks CAT 6a
Modular Jack CAT 6A / Sirius Series
Sirius Series, Modular Jack CAT 6A, Fully Shielded, 180º, Tool Less/Punch Down Style, Nickel plated body.

Modular Jacks CAT 6a / 8000 Series
8000 Series CAT 6a Modular Jacks (Unshielded & Fully Shielded)
X-Class Modular Jacks CAT 6A / 8000 Series
 X-Class CAT 6A Modular Jacks (Unshielded & Fully Shielded)
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