RJ45 8P8C Three-Part CAT 6 Fully Shielded Plug with Gold-Plated Contacts with Two Straight Prongs for AWG 23-26 Stranded Wire Conductors.

  The LP-RJ458P8CC6FS3 RJ45 8P8C three-part CAT 6 fully shielded plug with gold-plated contacts with two straight prongs for AWG 23-26 stranded wire conductors is mainly used for making fully shielded patch cords with stranded wires that serve the purpose of interconnection of Structured Cabling Systems based on the CAT 6 category standard.

This plug has 8 contacts and a full shielded cover that can be connected to the cable shield or braid drain wire for screening, and is compatible with the 568-A and 568-B wiring schemes. This connector can be used also in telephony applications and is able to carry up to four telephone pairs enabling the possibility for the telephone PABX apparatus to have up to four lines connected to the telephone company.

These plugs allow field preparation using stranded AWG 26 to AWG 23 conductors. With a gold-plated surface contact thickness of 50 micro-inches, it assures long life and a high degree of resistance against corrosion and environmental hazards.

Based on international standards like the ISO/IEC 11801, TIA 568 and EB50173, LanPro RJ45 plugs provide long life span for your structured cabling installations.

Even though LanPro does not recommend the by-hand field termination, mostly due to problems with repeatability and certification to stringent specs, the experienced and careful user can reach good and certifiable terminations.

Automatic factory-made terminations are recommended and encouraged by using standard-sized patch cords, also manufactured by LanPro on a variety of colors.
  FEATURES * 8P8C head style (8 positions, 8 contacts).

* Fully shielded design.

* Three-part construction for better symmetry and certification performance.

* CAT 6 standards compliance for Gigabit Ethernet.

* Extremely high quality module plugs.

* Compatible with stranded wire.

* These plugs also support telephone applications at home or office cabling systems.

* Suitable also for telephone cable patch cords.

* Straight gold-plated two prong contacts with 50 micro-inches of gold over 50 micro- inches of nickel pierce the stranded wires in the center without breaking them, making better contact with better performance, higher signal strength, and the corresponding better data transmission characteristics.
  HOW TO ORDER LP-RJ458P8CC6FS3 RJ45 8P8C three-part CAT 6 Fully Shielded Plug with gold-plated contacts with two straight prongs for AWG 23-26 stranded wire conductors.

LP-RJ458P8CAAZZPB Gold-Plated Modular Plug

AA: Category
CE: CAT 5e
C6: CAT 6
CA: CAT 6a

US: Unshielded
HS: Half-shielded
FS: Fully shielded

P: Piezas
1 or blank: 1 piece only
2: 2 pieces
3: 3 pieces

B: Type and number of prongs and type of wire
Blank: 2 straight prongs for stranded wire
1: 2 slanted prongs for solid wire
2: 3 slanted prongs for solid wire

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