Converter / Power Supply


110 VAC to 48 VDC AC/DC Converter /Power Supply 




LanPro offers plastic and metallic enclosures, all of them designed for extremely long life in outdoor environments.


LanPro Pigtails


LanPro N-TNC Pigtails are ideal to connect a Cisco/Dlink/Linksys radio to a LanPro N connector Antenna.


RF Conectors, Adapters & Cable


LanPro wireless accessories like connectors, adapters and cables for making the connection easy and practical for the installer.

LanPro produces low - loss, weatherproof and phase-stable coaxial cables for high performance applications required by its broad range of UHF and SHF radios. Traditional cables allow connection distances from 0.6 meters up to 10 meters (33 ft), and by selecting LanPro LP-C400 this range is easily tripled.

For general RF applications LanPro is now introducing the RGx Series of cables for use e.g.: CCTV, DTV, Analog TV, CATV, SATV or MATV.


Surge & Splitters


LanPro supplies the lightning arresters needed to protect wireless equipment from atmospheric discharges and voltage and/or current surges that travel through the coaxial transmission lines, that could cause your costly network resources to breakdown.


Universal Mounting System


Universal Mounting System for Antennas consists of a universal wall or roof mounting base and an angled tube used for fixing the antenna.


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