Fiber Optic Connectors


Fiber Optic Standard Connector Types


LanPro manufactures and supplies several types of fiber optic connectors: ST, FC/PC Typical and One Piece, SC Typical, SC One Piece, FC/APC Typical, SC/APC Typical, SC Duplex Typical, and SC Duplex One Piece, all made to the most demanding standards in the industry.

A choice of tools is also available for the crimping and termination of them.


FusionLess® Connectors


The FusionLess® Optical Connectors by LanPro are pre-polished, pre-assembled connectors compatible with the SC or LC standard connectors.


In-Fusion® field connectors


LanPro’s In-Fusion® with factory pre-polished ferrule, utilizes fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field. 


Fiber Optic System Catalog