Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) for Wall or Rack Mounting.


UniFiber™ type, Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)


UniFiber™ type, for up to 122 ports, rack monted Optical Distribution Frame (ODF), Unloaded.


Fiber Optic Wall Enclosures (Boxes) Empty


These wall enclosures come without modules for you to fill and configure with a variety of Fiber Optic Adaptor Modules.


Pivot™ type Rack Mounted Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)


Pivot™  type Rack Mounted Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) for up to 288 fiber cores


FTTH Boxes


FTTH Boxes, Fiber to the Home Plastic boxes and ODF’s (Optical Distribution Frames)


Fiber Optical Splice Closures


Fiber Optical Splice Closures that can be applied in all types of structures, laid overhead, along  pipelines, underground or in wells.


Rack-Mounted Optical Distribution Frames (ODF), Unloaded and Factory loaded.


Empty Rack Mount Unloaded Patch Panel


UniFiber™ HDF Type, High Density Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)




Unloaded Outdoor Fiber Optic terminal ABS plastic box



Galaxy™ Series type Optical Distribution Frame



Fiber Optic System Catalog