The CAT 6 8P8C RJ45, X-Class Robotic Manufactured Keystone® Compatible Jacks with  90º are designed for high speed and bandwidth in excess of 250 MHz.

Our modular CAT 6 X-Class Jacks are designed to match our CAT 6 compatible products in a perfect way. All CAT 6 devices are very adaptable to customer changing requirements.

UL® and ULc® certified under number# DUXR.E329018.

Our modular CAT 6 X-Class compatible Jacks allow for universal termination, either T568-A or T568-B, and are punch-down design 90º, thus offering easiness and flexibility to the installer. Our traditional jacks have been the industrial standard for the last 20 years.
We have sold hundreds of thousands of them worldwide with a huge success. But products evolve due technology/cost improvements and become obsolete and are replaced by ones with better performance.
We decided to completely re-design the 8000 Series Jacks from scratch and up, with a focus on our customers’ complaints, recommendations, and imagination!
The new jack is designed to be mechanically stronger.

Our most innovative improvement is greater reinforcement surrounding the cable feeder. The jack itself is smaller in size and easier to use. It also includes a narrower RJ45 footprint but maintaining the standard Keystone jack compatibility for the standard fixation to a faceplate or patch panel.
Because the jacks are robotically assembled, there is less human error in the manufacturing process ensuring consistency in product quality.
The new jack is significantly smaller, which makes it ideal for even limited spaces.
Moreover, with the carved logo and design, counterfeiting is difficult.

The locking latch is more flexible and easier to press, but it’s still reliable.
X-Class Modular Jacks CAT 6 / 8000 Series
8000 Series CAT 6 8P8C RJ45, X-Class Robotic Manufactured Keystone® Compatible Unshielded Jack, 90º IDC.
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