LanPro's Network Cabinets offer innovative cable management features to protect and organize cabling, enhance the network reliability, and reduce operational costs. It is an aesthetically pleasing infrastructure solution with the flexibility to facilitate system upgrades now and in the future.

Network Cabinets are wider than regular Server Cabinets and provide integrated physical infrastructure solutions for servers, video, storage, and network devices that offer superior performance, reliability, and scalability. When the amount of cabling involved in your project is massive, this solution is the way to go.
7000 Series NetworkRacks
  NetworkRack Cabinets 7000 Series Door Options  
Doors with Swing Handle Lock
  7000 Series NetworkRack  
LanPro´s 7000 Series of NetworkRack Cabinets provide more than necessary space for all your cabling needs plus the space for serves, switches, connection panels and other electronic equipment.
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