LanPro offering in faceplates gives three options to its users, Flat, angled and flat with id windows versions. Flat faceplates fit the jacks perpendicular to the plane of the faceplate and Angled faceplates tilt down the jack in order that patch cords
enter the jack with lower stress, with the corresponding benefits.
These  lines are totally compatible with Keystone® sized jack phone standards as well as CAT 3, 5, 5e, 6 CAT 6A and and Cat7 systems, and are also compatible with the LanPro line of iMC® modular connectors which include Optical, Video, RF, Audio, USB, entertainment etc., for carrying a variety of services right to the user.
  UK Style Faceplate  
LanPro’s  UK style faceplate range can be loaded with X-Class LanPro Keystone®  jacks
  Flat Faceplates with ID windows  
LanPro Flat Faceplates with ID windows series (also called flush plates or flat cover plates) 
  Flat Faceplates  
LanPro Flat Faceplates series (also called flush plates or flat cover plates) combine high capacity with multiple connectors, allowing the use of different standard jack modules.
  Angled Faceplates  
The LanPro Angled Faceplate series are a leap forward  in design for a better installation from two points of view, the user and the installer.
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