The LanPro 8P8C (8 Position 8 Contact) unshielded keystone jack is a modular connector used to terminate network cables. These connectors are commonly used for Ethernet over twisted pair, registered jacks and other telephone applications, RS-232 serial using the EIA/TIA 561 and most standards, and other applications involving unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, and multi-conductor flat cable.

This CAT 5e RJ45 Keystone Jack supports both T568-A and T568-B wiring and uses the industry standard 110 interface. The LanPro CAT 5e keystone jacks are designed to work with a wide variety of LanPro panels, boxes, modules and Snap-In Wall Plates. Also, the modular and standard design is compatible with the most recognized high-end brands available on the market.

All of our keystone jack housings are made of high temperature thermoplastic. Also, the contacts are made of phosphor bronze material with 35 microns or more layer of plated gold. Our jacks accept 22 to 26 AWG solid wire and insulation diameter from 0.4 to 0.6mm Easy to be terminated, resulting with minimum attenuation characteristics. They are available in six vivid colors. LanPro offers two large families of keystone jacks: the budget conscious 7000 Series and the ultimate performer 8000 Series, with US and Canadian certifications. Both families offer two degrees of shielding capabilities; the popular unshielded and state of the art fully-shielded.
Modular Jacks CAT 5e
  X-Class Modular Jacks CAT 5e / 8000 Series  
The CAT 5e 8P8C RJ45, X-Class Keystone® Compatible Jacks with  90º IDC are Robotic Manufactured for better consistency in product quality
  Modular Jacks CAT 5e / 8000 Series  
Modular Jacks CAT 5e, Unshielded and Fully Shielded, 8000 Series
  Modular Jacks CAT 5e / 7000 Series  
Modular Jacks CAT 5e, Unshielded and Fully Shielded, 7000 Series
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