Yagi antennas are an excellent option when medium to large gain, low profile and rugged construction is required. Our antennas are very stable, lightweight, small in size, and excellent performers. Thousands of them are installed worldwide; from icy fields to caribean beaches without any registered issue.

Is by far, our best seller antenna. Ideal for CPE applications due it's low cost. Available with N or SMA connector. Heavy duty ABS radome. Ideal for temporary and portatile applications.
Yagi Antennas
  Yagi UHF  
Yagi type Antenna UHF Band
  Yagi Heavy Duty type Antenna Series  
Heavy Duty Yagi Type Antenna Series for the 370 to 512 MHz UHF Band.
  Yagi Heavy Duty Fully Welded type Antenna Series  
Heavy Duty Fully Welded Yagi Type Antenna Series for the 400 to 485 MHz UHF band.
  Yagi 5.8 GHz  
Yagi type Antenna, 5.8 GHz Band
  Yagi 2.4 GHz  
Yagi type Antenna, 2.4 GHz Band
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