LanPro Networks shows to the installer and integrator to wide array of fiber patch cables and trunk cables.

A smart quality choice when price matters most. Use them for everyday connections in the data center, field and at the desktop. Choose from OM1 62.5-micron, OM2 50-micron, OM3 laser-optimized 50-micron multimode and the newest OM4 and OM5 for 100 / 400G WDM deployments. Also. OS2 9-micron single-mode fiber patch cables with LC, SC, ST, FC, APC, E2000 and MTRJ connectors. All are fully tested and come with worldwide warranty.
Also, LanPro can manufacture custom made patch cords as follows:
  • Special lengths (from 0.3m to 200m long)
  • Shielded and armored in steel for outdoor radios and very aggressive locations.
  • Trunk cables with special array of connectors, including MPO and MTP® ends.
  • Special SM fibers as G655 and G657 for tight-bending locations and broad array bandwith.
 What can you get on our patch cord?
  • Economy: For the budget conscious: fiber connectors with ceramic ferrules. Never plastic.
  • Multi-color: Get fiber cable in 12 colors for color-coded applications.
  • Pre-Terminated: Tight-buffered cable with pulling eyes makes long runs easy.
  • Premium: Superior fiber optic cable with top-quality ceramic connectors.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord & Pigtails.
1 Optical Fiber Patch Cords & Pigtails
LanPro Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Pigtails Product Family Description.
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