SC Simplex

SC Adaptor Simplex Type.

  Optical Fiber SC Adaptor Simplex Type are mechanical devices designed to align optical fiber connectors. It contains the split sleeve (sleeve to interconnect) that holds the two ferrules of both connectors, at the front and back of the panel, together.  
  HOW TO ORDER LP-FXXTTSSCF Fiber Optic Adaptors

LP-F LanPro Optical

XX Fiber Solutions Code 
15: Fiber Optic Adaptor

TT Connector Type
01: ST Thread Type
02: ST Flange Type
03: ST Plastic Duplex Type
04: FC/PC Metal Square Type
05: FC/PC Metal D Type
06: FC/PC Flange Type
07: SC Simplex Type
08: SC Duplex Type
09: ST to FC/PC Hybrid Type
10: ST to SC Hybrid Type
11: FC/PC to SC Hybrid Type
12: ST to SC Duplex Hybrid Type
13: MT-RJ Type
14: LC Quad Type
15: LC Duplex Type Flange

SS Sleeve Type
M1: Multimode OM1, OM2 Phosphor Bronze Sleeve
M2: Multimode OM3, OM4 Zirconia sleeve
S1: Singlemode Zirconia Sleeve

C Housing Color 
1: Blue
2: Green
3: Beige
4: Nickel plated bronze
5: White
6: Aqua
7: Violet
8: Black
9: Gray

Blank: With Flangle
1: Flangeless
2: With Flange w/metallic clip 
3: Flangeless  w/metallic clip


LP-F1507M11, SC Simplex MM Phosphor Bronze Sleeve Adaptor.
LP-F1507S11,  SC Simplex SM Zirconia Sleeve Adaptor.

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