Angled Entry Faceplates.

  The LanPro Angled Faceplate series are a leap forward design for a better installation from two points of view, the user and the installer.

In regard with the user, the patch cord entry angle to the connector lessens the mechanical stress on the patch cord cable, plug and jack. This stress relief increases the durability of both, the jack and the patchcord.

In regard with the installer, a lower depth into the wall case and a better angle of access for the cabling coming from vertical conduit, eases the cabling effort and neatness and makes for a better installation.

The combined high-capacity with multiple connectors, the possible use of different standard couplers (jacks) devices and of our line of iMC® modular compatibility components make these faceplates the practical choice. Perfect for shielded systems.

They are totally compatible with phone standards as well as CAT 3, 5, 5e, 6, 6a, and 7 systems.

The screw cap design makes better front looking, and dust caps are available to cover unused ports.

These faceplates have standard American sizing, and are suitable for use in any standard American style application.

Made of durable UV resistant ABS plastic, they are available in vertically mounted versions.

They are three (3) models: 1 Port, 2 Ports and 4 Ports.
  FEATURES * Conveniently angled for lowering patch cord cable entry stress.

* Lower depth into surface mount box for neat and less mechanical stressed cabling.

* Pressure release identification label covers for quick, tool-less removal.

* Snap-in color coded data/ phone plastic label for easier identification of type of port.

* Thick and Robust molded design.

* ABS UV treated material. Doesn’t yellow or crack with sunlight.

* Precise tooling for perfect fitting.

* V series for Vertical aligment.

* Can take CAT 6a, CAT 6, CAT 5e, CAT 5 and CAT 3 phone jacks and most of iMC® Series of RF, video, sound and data keystone sized jacks.

* Interchangeable with most popular brands.
  HOW TO ORDER LP-3317XXYYA LanPro Angled Faceplates.

XX: Direction & Port
V1= Vertical 1 port.
V2= Vertical 2 port.
V3= Vertical 3 port.
V4= Vertical 4 port.
V6= Vertical 6 port.
H1= Horizontal 1 port.
H2= Horizontal 2 port.
H3= Horizontal 3 port.

YY: Color
IV: Ivory.
WH: White.

A= Blank, Flat.
A=1, Angled.
A=2, flat with window.

LP-3317V1WH LanPro Faceplates Vertical 1 port, White Color.
LP-3317V1WH1 LanPro Angled Faceplate Vertical 1 port, White Color.
LP-3317V1WH1 LanPro Angled Faceplate Vertical 2 port, White Color.
LP-3317V4WH1 LanPro Angled Faceplate Vertical 4 port, White Color.

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