The LanPro Surface Raceway System is a non-metallic, 2 parts, capable surface raceway that can be used to handle, route, protect, and conceal data, voice, video, fiber optic and power cabling with a rating of up to 600 Vac.

Made from high quality impact resistant material that is sure to last a long time without peeling or corroding, these raceways are a must have investment.

Not to be used outdoor. Comes with a high quality self adhesive back tape for screw-less or lightweight installations. The 1 1/2" model also comes with the tape, but an additional screw attachment is recommended.

Inside Corner
Corner for Raceways with a section of 19.05 mm x 11.11 mm (3/4 x 7/16 inches).
Internal Corner for Raceways with section of 31.75 mm x 11.11 mm (1 1/4 x 7/16 inches).
Internal Corner for Raceways with section of 38.1 mm x 38.1 mm (1 ½ x 1 ½ inches).
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